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How To Clean A Hairbrush Or Comb Using Natural Ingredients

Typically instances, you’ll have come throughout recommendations on methods to clear make-up brushes, however for causes unknown, none on methods to clear a hairbrush. Under, you can find all of the solutions on cleansing a hairbrush and suggestions to decide on several types of hair brushes.

How To Clean A Hairbrush

Much like all magnificence instruments, hairbrushes are used usually and susceptible to clog filth. Along with accumulating product residue and hair clumps, the buildup on hairbrushes may give rise to an an infection. And also you certainly don’t need that! And never cleansing the hair recurrently will solely deposit filth with every stroke, and make your hair greasier.

If you wish to know all of the solutions on maintaining your combs clear and sanitized, then scroll down beneath.

Tricks to Clear Completely different Varieties of Combs:

Step one on methods to clear a comb is to search out out what sort of hair brush are you utilizing. Then, you’ll be able to go ahead in doing all your routine cleansing and comply with the following pointers for an occasional clean-up.

1. Plastic Comb:

Most of these hair brushes can endure a month-to-month clean-up since they dry off utterly fairly simply. Fill a bowl with heat water. Add a small quantity of mild shampoo and provides the comb a very good rinse. Depart it to air-dry.

Plastic Comb

2. Paddle Brush:

Hair brushes with spongy or gentle bases want further care. The paddle brush often traps residue or filth beneath which makes it arduous to take away. The gathered moisture can result in odor or worse, micro organism. Subsequently, wash these brushes each month.

Paddle Brush

3. Wood Brush:

Take care while utilizing wood handles, as nicely. The wooden ending usually will get broken with use of cleaning soap and water. As well as, you need to additionally verify the care instruction and forestall tough scrubbing. We advocate a fast swish as an alternative of soaking wooden brushes.

Wooden Brush

Merely Methods to Clear a Hairbrush at Residence utilizing Pure Substances:

Have you learnt that you should use pure elements to scrub your hair brush to take away extra hair, lint, filth, micro organism, and different merchandise? Get all of the solutions you want beneath:

1. Child Shampoo:


A routine cleansing utilizing a light answer like child shampoo can hold your hairbrush with lice clear.

Stuff you’ll want:


  • First, use your fingers to scrub comb with dandruff, lint, or filth from the comb bristles.
  • Clear the comb beneath operating water or dip it in a bowl crammed with heat water. Add few drops of child shampoo on a clear toothbrush. Scrub in between the hair bristles.
  • Dry the comb utilizing a towel. This will likely take few hours or in a single day.


Don’t soak a plastic brush for greater than 5-10 minutes as you could danger spoiling the padding or deal with.

Baby Shampoo

2. Rubbing Alcohol:


Rubbing alcohol is a pure disinfectant for eradicating hairbrush lint. Combine one a part of the answer to 1 half water for safely sanitizing your comb.

Stuff you’ll want:


  • Fill a bowl with water and add rubbing alcohol.
  • Soak the comb within the answer for 10 minutes.
  • Take out for brush and rinse it beneath operating water.
  • Air dry the hair brush utilizing a towel or depart it to dry in a single day.


You may also use the answer on brush surfaces to wipe off any filth. However don’t use the rubbing alcohol on wood brushes as it could destroy it.

Rubbing Alcohol

3. Vinegar:


Vinegar comprises pure antiseptic brokers that function a reasonable cleansing answer for hair combs. The answer is understood to kill micro organism and take away sticky residue gathered from mousse, hair gel, and different styling merchandise. Cleansing the hairbrushes with vinegar takes minimal effort.

Stuff you’ll want:


  • Switch two cups of scorching water and two cups of white vinegar right into a mixing bowl or saucepan.
  • The water must be a minimal of 130 levels F. This step is essential to comply with because the water temperature is claimed to kill head lice, germs, and micro organism.
  • Take the hairbrush deal with and dip the bristle ends into the vinegar answer. Dip it sufficient to launch the filth gathered, however not for lengthy as it could soften the comb. However if in case you have used water from the faucet, then you’ll be able to soak your brush for couple of minutes.
  • Take out the hair comb from the vinegar combination. Take away the filth, lint, and hair, utilizing your fingers.
  • Rinse off the comb in clear water to take away vinegar odor.


Whereas cleansing steel hair brushes or combs in vinegar, shield your fingers from burns.


4. Baking Soda:

Stuff you’ll want:


  • Fill a bowl with heat water. Add one tsp of shampoo and baking soda. Make use of a clear toothpaste to combine the answer.
  • Dip the toothbrush within the combination and begin scrubbing the hairbrushes to scrub the bristles. Dip the toothbrush into the cleansing answer.
  • Rinse the hairbrush beneath heat operating water.


After the ultimate rinse, lay the hair brush on a towel and air-dry.

Baking Soda


Q.1. How lengthy ought to a hairbrush final?

A. A very good tip is to alter your hairbrush each six months. Additionally, discover in case your hair bristles are separating or cracked. This will likely counsel you’ll want to toss off your hairbrush for good.

Q.2. How do you clear a smelly hairbrush?

A. Rubbing alcohol and vinegar are pure disinfectants and may safely sanitize your smelly hairbrush. You’ll be able to both add one a part of rubbing alcohol or vinegar in a single a part of heat water. Dip the hairbrush for couple of minutes to take away any disagreeable odor and filth.

Q.3. How do you clear and sanitize hair brushes and combs?

A. You hair brush could get clogged from filth, hair oils, and different styling merchandise. Subsequently, it is very important clear and sanitize your combs on common intervals. This can’t solely hold hair clear but additionally enhance the longevity of the hairbrush.

If you’re trying to sanitize and clear your hair combs correctly, then here’s what you’ll want to do:


  • In case your hair brush is clogged with filth then rake the bristles of two brushes gently.
  • Moisten the hair brush bristles utilizing heat water. Add few drops of shampoo or liquid hand wash to scrub the bristles to take away grime. Rinse off the comb beneath operating water.
  • Add ½ cup of white vinegar to ½ cup of heat water in a bowl. Sterilize the brushes by soaking them for 20 minutes. Or, apply the identical steps by soaking the hair combs in ¼ cup ammonia and heat water.
  • You may also make use of different pure disinfectant like tea tree oil to scrub hairbrushes. Soak the comb in a mix of ¼ ounce of tea tree oil and a bowl of heat water.

Q.4. How do you clear a hairbrush with vinegar?

A. Add ½ cup of white vinegar to ½ cup of heat water in a bowl. Sterilize the brushes by soaking them for 20 minutes. Depart it to air-dry.

Q.5. How do you clear a hairbrush with no toothbrush?

A. You’ll be able to clear a hairbrush with no toothbrush by merely selecting out of your fingers or rat-tail comb.

These are the options on methods to clear a hairbrush naturally. We hope you discover the following pointers helpful. Depart us with a suggestions within the remark part beneath.

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