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RR Real Argan regeneration shampoo for fragile hair 350ml

RR Real Argan regenerating shampoo with argan oil and keratin for gentle washing and treatment of weak hair. The shampoo gently removes accumulated dirt and sebum from the hair. Gives hair fullness and shine from the first application. Its protective effect protects the fragile hair shaft from free radicals, smog and adverse atmospheric influences.

Recommended for : Shampoo from the RR Argan Star series is suitable for cleaning and treating fragile, weak and often chemically treated hair. Ideal for frizzy hair. Suitable for all hair types.

RR Real Argan regeneration mask for fragile hair 500ml

RR Real Argan regenerating mask with argan oil, keratin and shea butter is suitable for treating brittle, frizzy or often dyed or otherwise chemically treated hair. Thanks to its protective and antioxidant action, it protects fragile hair from damage caused by aggressive environmental influences in the form of smog, free radicals or atmospheric agents. The mask gives the hair maximum shine, softness and facilitates detangling.

Recommended for:  The mask is suitable for fragile, frizzy and often chemically stressed hair (dyeing, bleaching, permanent, permanent straightening, etc.).

RR Real Argan regenerating Bi-Phase Conditioner 200ml

Moisturises, detangles and protects the hair without weighing it down. Thanks to its special balanced and light formula, envelops the hair giving tone, volume and shine. Use: after shampooing, towel dry hair and spray over lengths and tips. Massage and comb through. Do not rinse off. Shake before use.

Recommended for: After shampooing, towel dry hair and spray over lengths and tips. Massage and comb through. Do not rinse off. Shake before use.


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