Jazhair Update: RR Line Real Star Products

RR Line (Яeal staR) is an Italian professional hair cosmetics brand that has gained recognition in the European market mainly thanks to its affordable quality hair care and finishing products. The founder of the RR Line professional hair products brand is Roberto Racciopi, a hairdresser with a lifelong passion for hairdressing craft. It was his initials that gave the brand the name RR. In addition to his craft, Roberto Racciopi also devoted himself to the study of old recipes for the health and beauty of hair and scalp. During his daily work with clients, he realized that almost everyone wants to look “millionaire” with minimal investment. More than 60 years ago, the Pettenon factory near Verona was founded, where the production of professional hair cosmetics RR Line began.

The combination of tradition and innovation has become the success of the brand, which today is distributed in more than 80 countries of the world. The success of the RR Line brand is the result of the fact that Roberto Racciopi always thought about achieving a masterful result and tried to fulfill the wishes of the customers even before they were even expressed. All RR Line products have been successfully tested in the “Big Apple” – New York. A number of them were also patented here.

Currently, Echosline is undergoing restyling. All of their product has a new formula to focus on vegan.
The old packaging will sell until the new product is available.

And now, we announced RR Line hair colour and hair care products grandly entry into the New Zealand market. Alternatively, RR-LINE is one of the leading lines of the PETTENON company, the same manufacturer as Echosline, with confidence in the quality of the product.

Colouring RR-Line:

Innovative coloring
No damage to hair
Comfort for the client and the master. Coloring WITHOUT ODOUR!
Long lasting color with predictable results. 100% gray coverage
Familiar palette for master and client
Economy packaging


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