Revlon Equave Detangling Shampoo


Revlon Professional Equave Instant Detangling Micellar Shampoo 250ml guarantees an extreme cleaning of the hair and scalp while moisturizing and softening it in depth. At the same time, the hair becomes easier to comb and manage.

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Revlon Professional Equave Instant Detangling Micellar Shampoo 250ml adheres effortlessly to the hair fiber, improving its texture and providing extra softness. In particular, this shampoo not only contributes to a deep cleaning of all types of hair but also makes them easily detangled. In turn, through these abilities, hair instantly becomes looser, flexible, and shiny without any loss of its natural volume.

The composition of this micellar shampoo has an exceptional combination of active ingredients perfect especially for dry and dehydrated hair. In this sense, Keratin deeply hydrates and repairs the hair fiber maintaining its maximum strength. In turn, Panthenol and Provitamin B5 coat the fiber giving it more shine without making the hair oily. At the same time, they penetrate so easily into the hair, even hydrating its cortex, thus maintaining an overall healthier appearance and, in turn, being easy to manage. Last but not least, Emollient Oils and PCA Sodium not only moisturize the hair but also improve its ease of detangling and eliminating static electricity. In short, this micellar shampoo guarantees completely cleaner, fresher, and much more hydrated hair. As an extra benefit, the hair is easier to manage and thus easier to comb.




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