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  • Revlon Professional Be Fabulous Texture Care Curly Hair 1000ml


      Description Moisturizing shampoo for curly hair Cleans the hair effectively and provides moisture and definition for soft, flexible, fabulous curls. Protects color, repairs, enchances shine, anti aging, moisturizes.

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    RR Real Argan Bulk Buy Deal


    RR Real Argan regeneration shampoo for fragile hair 350ml RR Real Argan regenerating shampoo with argan oil and keratin for gentle washing and treatment of weak hair. The shampoo gently removes accumulated dirt and sebum from the hair. Gives hair fullness and shine from the first application. Its protective effect protects the fragile hair shaft from free…

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    RR Real Color Bundle Deal


    RR Real Color shampoo for colored hair 350ml Professional shampoo RR Real Color is specially designed for washing dyed hair. Contains Goji berry extract, a strong antioxidant and color protector for dyed hair. Gives hair softness and shine, durability and protection. Recommended for:  RR Color Star shampoo is especially suitable for color support of dyed hair and…