RR Real Color Bundle Deal



RR Real Color shampoo for colored hair 350ml

Professional shampoo RR Real Color is specially designed for washing dyed hair. Contains Goji berry extract, a strong antioxidant and color protector for dyed hair. Gives hair softness and shine, durability and protection.

Recommended for:  RR Color Star shampoo is especially suitable for color support of dyed hair and treatment of dyed hair after technical intervention.

RR Real Color mask for colored hair 500ml

RR Real Color hair mask for color protection and for the treatment of chemically stressed and stressed hair. It nourishes the hair and protects the newly acquired cosmetic color. It contains Goji berry extract, which is characterized by its protective and antioxidant effect. Contains milk proteins for sufficient hydration of the hair shaft.

Recommended for:  The mask is particularly suitable for the treatment of dyed hair, for extending the durability of the newly acquired cosmetic color and for protecting it from environmental aggressions.


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